Saturday, November 21, 2009

Layla, here at last!

Introducing the newest member of our growing family,
Layla Elaine Harding!!!
born November 10th, 2009Surprising us with her early arrival (a day before our scheduled c-section) and a bunch of dark hair, she came into this world weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long

Some are more excited...

...than others

After looking at her from a distance, the first thing Evey said about Layla was, "She wants to go home now." Evey has warmed up to Layla since then. Yesterday she even asked to hold her and gave her a kiss on the head. We think she will soon enjoy the role of Big Sister, but for now we are giving Evey lots of attention so she knows she hasn't been replaced.
Lucy however, has taken right to Layla. This was the first of many kisses that Layla has received from Lucy. In fact most of the time I'm worried that Lucy is going to smother her with love.She is constantly wanting to kiss, snuggle, and hold her.One of Lucy's favorite things about Layla is her tiny features. Especially the ears. Lucy is always pulling, tugging, and stroking her teeny body parts. Surprisingly, Layla doesn't seem to mind.
I'm pretty sure that Layla is going to be a daddy's girl. She very much enjoys starring up into Eric's eyes and prefers to fall asleep in his arms. But then again, so do I.
Layla is a really easy-going baby, which is so perfect seeing as she is my third kid. She is alert, attentive and pretty happy. She is a fantastic sleeper and an even better eater. Hands down, she is definitely the easiest newborn I've had so far.
Many people told me that number three would be the hardest. I really don't think that is going to be the case for us. The transition has been very easy. It's already weird for me to think that 12 days ago she wasn't here yet. It feels like shes always been with us and in spirit I suspect that she always has been!

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a WHAT????!!!!!!

Ok, SORRY I've waited so DANG long to post this. I wanted to scan my ultrasound pictures on to the computer and post them but it turns out my computer isn't working incredibly well, and won't let me. I'm sick of waiting to tell people, so here it is!!!

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

Seriously, I CANNOT believe it!!!!!! I was so surprised! I was sooo sure it would be a boy! But nope, apparently God wants to give us as many girls as we can handle! So here she comes!
We are so happy to have this new little addition to our family. She will be such a joy!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Any Guesses?

We are having an Ultrasound done on June 23rd to find out the sex of the baby. So before we find out, lets hear some guesses! Here are a few facts about this pregnancy to help you make your most educated decision!

  • Am hardly ever sick
  • Have major heartburn
  • Have cramps like you wouldn't believe
  • Am carrying very low
  • Am super tired all the time
  • Have felt a couple BIG karate kicks (even though I'm only 17 weeks along)

Alrighty, there's some possible clues for ya! We will let you all know when we find out!
So have at it people!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

C-Section or Vaginal?

This has been on my mind lately.

I have had 2 C-sections. I have never delivered vaginally. During my labor with Lucy, we all discovered, too late, that she was breech and I was rushed in for an emergency C-section. It was a horrible experience, but I'll leave that story for another day. The thing that bothered me most is that I was literally the last person to hold her. I never got that first, private, mommy-baby moment. With Evey, I opted for a C-section because her delivery was almost exactly a year after my previous C-section and I felt that the risks were too great. That C-section was overall a good experience but it still lacked that closeness that I long for directly after delivery. I got to see her all of 30 seconds before they took her away with dad, sewed me back up and wheeled me to a recovery room for over an hour.

Now, nearly 3 years after having Evey, I feel very torn on the subject. Having never delivered vaginally, I feel as if I have really missed out on something. I know that it is irrational, but a part of me feels as if I have failed in some way. I crave that moment where they place the baby on your chest right after delivery, and it breaks my heart to know that I may never get to experience that. The risks are lower than they were with Evey, but I know that if I opt to deliver vaginally, there are risks nonetheless. My OB said that a vaginal birth after 2 C-sections is not an option. But I know other OB's will let me try with close monitoring. A huge part of me wants to do it. From what I have read, there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to deliver vaginally. All the odds are in my favor considering my previous C-sections were not due to any serious conditions on mine or the baby's part. Even if it turns out that I have to go in for a C-section anyway, at least I will have tried, right?

I wish I knew exactly what the outcome would be. It has been on my mind for awhile. I want this baby to be happy and healthy. I want to experience at least once that precious moment.
I know that it's selfish. Chances are that I'll opt for a C-section again despite these feelings. But I would love to get your opinions on the subject. ( I imagine that they will all be very different depending on how you delivered)
It's a very difficult decision for me. One that I am taking into prayerful consideration.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dumpster Diving... not for the faint of heart

This is how I spent my evening yesterday!
Why? you may ask...

THIS is why!

My Wedding Ring...
I was leaving the apartment at about 9 last night to throw out the trash and then go to our old apartment to do some last minute cleaning. As I was throwing the trash into the dumpster, one of the bags caught on to my wedding ring and before I knew it, my ring and the trash were flying into the dumpster. To my despair, I heard a thump and then ching as my ring landed somewhere inside. My immediate reaction was "What the heck?!!!! Aren't my fingers supposed to get bigger when I'm pregnant?" And then the choice lay before me. Do I climb in 3 months pregnant with a super sensitive nose or walk away? Well any of you who know me, know that walking away is NOT an option! I went inside to get a flashlight and tell Eric, who offered to do it for me, but I told him no. I lost it, I would find it. Besides dumpster diving is really more up my alley than his. I'm pretty sure he would have hopped right in but later he would decide to sweetly surprise me with an upgrade sometime in the next week or so. But the reality is, I didn't want an upgrade. There is something so sentimental about the lovely, simple wedding ring he gave me. He said, "It isn't much, but it's what I have to give. I love you Katie, and want to be with you forever!" That is why I couldn't let go of the ring. It's not about the money, it's not about an upgrade. It's those words connected with that ring. I needed to find it!
I spent a good half an hour in that dumpster. Throwing bags I've already looked at in the other dumpster. It was pretty disgusting. Potent, slimey, indescribable things kept pouring out of bags and I couldn't help thinking how disgusting human beings are (as if I'm not one of them). Eric's mom came over to stayed with the sleeping girls, so Eric could come help. We Looked around for what seemed like forever and just when almost all hope was gone, I lifted one last bag at the very bottom corner and there it was. I didn't even see it at first. It wasn't shiny because it was covered in some kind of gunk. But there it was....
My ring!
I picked it up, wiped it off on my shirt and shouted,

(and then made Eric run in and get the camera)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As some of you may know, we had quite a scare last Monday (the 12th). Everything seemed to be going fine with the pregnancy, so you can imagine my horror when I began bleeding, not spotting...Bleeding! I have had miscarriages in the past, so I was positive that this was exactly that. My brother was visiting at the time, and I didn't want to upset him so I did my best to stay in control, not to cry, or even think at all. I discretely picked up the phone, walked out on the balcony and called my doctor. He said that I would need to go to the ER. I knew form experience that this is what he would say, but at the moment it was the last place I wanted to go. When Eric came home, he of course could tell that I was upset, no matter how much I tried to hide it. So I pulled him aside and told him. I could tell that he was shocked and then very sad. But since I had been holding it in for a few hours, I told him that I needed some time to myself to get in a good cry, before I make the necessary calls, to my doctor again and then to my mom. I sat in the closet for a good 10 minutes and just let it all out. Everything, my whole world just seemed to crash down on me all at once. Not only was I dealing with the loss of a baby that I was very much looking forward to having....again....and the fact that I had practically just announced my pregnancy to the whole world a week before, but it also meant that all our plans for a baby at all, would go out the window. We would have to turn down the 3 bedroom apartment that was about to get approved. Plus, the bill from the ER trip would take away any chance of buying a decent van. I started to question whether this was what the Lord really wanted. Was I mistaken? I had felt so sure that He had told me that was time for another one. Why then, would he do this? While I cried, Eric explained to Tim what was going on, and about an hour later my parents arrived. My dad took Tim home, while my mom stayed to watch the girls as Eric and I went to the ER.

When we finally got in the car, Eric and I were able to talk freely and mourn together. By the time we got to the hospital, we were ready to hear the bad news and take on all the came with it. As we sat in the waiting room, we did our best to keep ourselves occupied. I brought a cooking magazine, and Eric watched "Oceans 12," which was playing on the TV. I couldn't help but notice all the people who were less fortunate than me. Many of the people looked like they should be seen well before me. They were injured or looked very ill. There was baby who looked like she had a very high fever, and though I was still very sad, I found myself suddenly grateful that I wasn't there for anything more urgent. Chances were that I would be fine and this would all pass naturally.

Finally, my name was called and a nurse took my blood pressure, all the while, talking about how she's pregnant with her first baby and how scary it is for her to see women like me who are bleeding. I could see that she was just trying to make conversation, but talking about her baby wasn't exactly the best thing for me to hear at the moment, while I was in the process of losing my own. But I cut her a break and listened, because I knew she wasn't trying to hurt me. I figured that I'd leave it up to some other lady to let her know what would be considered appropriate talk with a women having a miscarriage. I've put enough nurses in their place for the time being. Then they took my blood, put me in a wheelchair and rolled me down to the ultrasound room. To my dismay, they wouldn't let poor Eric into the room with me. Instead he had to wait for me in yet another waiting room wondering what was going on.

The ultrasound technician was a lot more pleasant. She asked me about my other kids, their names ages, etc. (A much easier thing for me to talk about) while she squirted goo on my tummy. She sat silent looking at the monitor, taking measurements and such. After a few minutes she turned the monitor and showed me the baby. Then started checking my uterus and ovaries. As she was doing so she said nonchalantly,
"Form the baby's measurements, it looks like you are 9 1/2 weeks along."
"You mean 'were'. " I corrected.
She then looked at me strait in the eyes and said " No Katie, I mean 'are'. Look again... There's the heartbeat!"
I Couldn't believe my eyes. Right there was my little baby... alive! It's little heartbeat as strong as anything. Then she pointed at it again and told me to watch closely. It then, began kicking and moving it's arms! Tears welled up in my eyes! It was like he/she was moving just for me, to prove that he/she is just fine!
" Why am I bleeding then?" I asked. She said that she couldn't be sure, but she thinks it's because my placenta is really close to the cervix. She said that as my pregnancy progresses that it will move up. She then, wiped me all up and told me that I'm fine and free. A nurse wheeled me to the waiting room and as I waited for Eric to get back (who was in a different waiting room) I wondered how on earth I was going to tell him such happy news. Nothing I could say, could possibly covey the joy I was feeling. When Eric arrived, he was obviously concerned. We sat in silence for a few moments as he put his arm around me and tears rolled down my face again. Then, I simply whispered into his ear, "It's alive!" He turned to look at me in disbelief. As I grinned at him, I could see his eyes welling up with tears, just like mine. (He does so much better than I do when keeping his emotions in check.) He asked "What about you?"
"I'm fine. Nothing wrong at all." Then we sat there quietly, crying (on my part), glancing at each other and grinning. We were called in by a doctor a short time later, where he confirmed that everything is fine and that there is only a 5% chance of miscarriage at this point. He then instructed me to "take it easy." He gave me list of things not to do and said it's like bed rest, except I don't have to stay in bed, and I can go out, just as long as I don't do anything that would be strenuous at all. He then laughed and congratulated us both and told us we could leave!

I called our medical office later that week and they said that the ER visit would be covered.

Soooo, everything is fine, everything is back on track, and aside from being really really bored, I am a very happy camper, and super thankful to the Lord. Baby #3 is still on her/his way!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My New Love

I cannot express how much I LOVE these right now. This coupled with a huge glass of water settles my stomach and cravings like no other!


Ok... so a lot of you have already guessed it, and frankly I SUCK at keeping secrets. So lets put 2 and 2 together shall we? Yelling at nurses... Cravings.... Fatigue.... Moving into a 3 bedroom, Saving for a van.... that's right people.... Harding baby # 3 is on his/her way!!!! Yay!!! We are crossing our fingers for a boy this time, but thrilled if we have a girl too. Normally I would wait longer to tell people since I have had 2 miscarriages in the past, but I am feeling very very pregnant. I am famished ALL the time, uncharacteristically irritable, and dog tired. All these signs say to me "baby is doing fine even if mommy is not." Plus, Easter time... it just seems right to say something. Am I right? So if you by chance, see me sprinting from the Nursery room down the hall, you now know that it's because the Altoids didn't work and I need to eat or I'm going to puke!

Since we are moving within a week or so, I really haven't gotten to do much nesting. Just packing which really ISN'T satisfying at all. I can't wait til we move and I get to decorate baby' room! But til then I guess this will do!Evey's nest on the left, mine in the middle, and Lucy's on the right! Aren't they adorable!? We had a blast making them with my mom during conference!

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Blog

I started a new blog called "Cooking with Kate"!!!! I wanted a place to share some of my favorite recipes and experiments in the kitchen! So if you like to cook, come check it out!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trend Setters

I have recently come to the conclusion that my children are going to be trend setters. Why? Because lately, they have been insisting on picking their own outfits...and this is the result:

There's nothing like a a layered light up monkey shirt, paired with flashy Elmo panties worn over purple stretch pants. And to accessorize, a neckalace a bracelet and a headband that is too small! LOVE IT!!!!!!


Getting ready for church? Yes indeedy!!!!A black hat with red flowers on it! PLUS as much jewelry as she could get her hands on!! (she is mad at me because she wanted to hold the camera)

Same outfit with the substitute of a witches hat!

We went into the girls room one morning and found Lucy with a cloth bag on her head. She reminds me of a Smirf! Like I said... Trend setters....

Of course, it may just run in the family....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am sitting here eating a well deserved bowl of ice cream, feeling very annoyed with a bunch of strangers who happen to shop at Wal-Mart. (Is it just me, or do the meaniest people in the world shop there?)

My oldest, Lucy (3), for the most part is a well mannered, sweet little girl! She is usually very happy. But when she wants to be, she is also VERY stubborn. I love her dearly, but sometimes (especially lately) I feel like everything has been a battle, even if it's something she actually wants to do!!!!!

Today has been one of those days. She has had 4 meltdowns today and it's only 3:30!!!....Sigh.

I think I do pretty well during her tantrums. I never let her see that it upsets me. If we are at home I give her a warning and if the behavior continues then I put her in the "naughty chair." When she stops, I get down to her level and explain why she was put there and have her apologize to me and anyone else it affected. If she throws things they go in "time out" too (which is located on the top shelf of the closet) for a full 24 hours.
If we are in public I take her to a place where no one is ans wait it out either holding her or I have her sit in a chair/bench/cart. And then do the same thing. Tell her why and have her say "Sorry".

(Eric and I decided that we will NEVER spank our kids. I'm not judging anyone who does, after all my mom spanked me. However, we both feel that it is too easy to lose control and spank out of anger. We feel that spanking may stop the behavior temporarily but in the long run is ineffective)

Today, in Wal-Mart Lucy had a HUGE meltdown. She wanted to walk and I told her that she needed to get in the cart. I gave her a choice between the basket or the seat, but she wouldn't have it! It was "Walk" or "Whine"!!!! So I told her, "I'm sorry that it makes you angry, but now is a time when mommy needs you to sit in the cart" and I picked her up and put her in! We walked for about 30 seconds as she took it all in and then BOOOOM!!!!! She started kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs. Grabbing my shirt, hair, face, anything that she was in arms reach of!!! Well, all you moms of toddlers knows how that goes. I quickly picked up my pace making sure that I didn't make eye contact with anyone, as she wailed past the aisles. As I passed I heard gasps like " Sheesh", "Wow" and "Oh my Gosh!!!!" But I just focused on not turning red, and not reacting while I searched for a less populated area. As I was speed-walking, I heard one lady actually say, "Would someone shut that BRAT up?!!!" I did make eye contact with that women and glarred at her for a moment. But I wanted so badly say something like "What would you suggest?? A sock???" It hurt me so much that anyone would say something like that about my precious little girl. She's only 3 for heavens sake!!! Another old lady kept saying "Hey You, Hey You, BE QUIET!!!" My friend Joanna, who was with me, actually turned around and shushed her. Then the lady mumbled something that I didn't hear, but after a moment I heard Joanna say "Mind your own business!!!" I was soo mortified and thankful at the same time that my friend would stand up for me in that way. (Thanks Jo! It really did help me feel better!) Anyway, I finally found a place that had no one around and waited it out. Breathing heavily, but doing my very best to look calm. The whole ordeal was about 5 mins. But it was the longest 5 minites that I've felt in a long time. During those 5 min I had to keep my mind completely blank, which was sooo hard, because I knew if I thought about the things those people said I would start to cry. It was soo difficult to fight back the tears. It was soo hard to keep Lucy from seeing how much it affected me! Sometimes being a mom is soo hard!!!! It would have been so easy for me to lose my temper and chew out all those people who truly deserved it. It would have been so easy for me to give in and let Lucy walk after I had told her "No." All the screaming and kicking, staring, and rude comments would have stopped had I just givin Lucy what she wanted. But no, deep down I knew that it wasn't right. So I kept walking letting those painful comments pierce me like arrows. One by one for the sake of raising my daughter correctly!

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. It totally brought me back to the days when Lucy had colic. There was nothing I could do but endure through it, as insensitive people glarred at me and made comments. There was hardly a shopping trip that went by that I didn't come home with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Any comments or suggestions??? I could definitly use a helping hand or some encoruagement right now.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wishing My Two Toddler's a Very Happy Birthday!

Oh passing years, will you never cease???!!!!

It's that dreaded time of year!!!! My kids are a year older! And I'm coming to the realization that we no longer have a baby in our home.

It's so weird to think that Lucy is 3. This happened 3 years ago!!!! Screaming her little heart out for that first 6 months of her life!
(Feb 1st, 2006)
And now look at her!!! Gorgeous Big eyes, and dark golden curls to her shoulders!!! Too cute for her own good, I think! And well worth all that screaming.....But no longer my baby!!!! What can a mother do on a day like this, but to go through baby pictures and well up as she thinks how within a year she won't even be a toddler anymore!!!! :( Oh the bittersweet mommy moments!

And Evey too!!!! Growing too fast for comfort! Today she is 2, which makes her Officially a toddler! I cringe to think that we could have lost her that very first hour of life. I owe that nurse everything I have.
(Feb. 2nd, 2007)
Every morning Evey looks ever so slightly different! She's losing her baby chub, getting taller and leaner. Her hair is finally coming in too. It nearly breaks my heart and yet at the same time, I'm sooo excited to see how she'll look as she changes throughout this coming year!!!!!

I'm so grateful to my Father in Heaven for trusting me to be the mother of these Amazing little girls! They are my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!

Oh, being a mother is sooo bittersweet!

Happy Birthday my Little Ones! Mommy loves you sooo much!!!!!!

Monster Jam!!!!!

I've been meaning to this blog for a LONG time!!!!!!!! So FINALLY here it is!!!

A few weeks ago some friends of ours, Sarah and Bryan, invited us to go to MONSTER JAM! Having never been to a Monster Truck Rally before, neither Eric or I knew what to expect!!!!

It was AWESOME!!!!!! Wheels flying, Trucks spinning, smashing, and smoking!!!!!! Watching HUGE trucks get TOTALED is really so much more fun than you'd think! I just have to say that the pictures really DON'T do it justice! I have never seen anything like it!

This guy was my favorite!!! El Torro Loco!!!! He was psycho!!!!! He did sooo many jumps!!! After one jump he flipped and one of his horns came off!!!! SOOOO COOOL!!!!!! I don't know how they score these things, but I think he did the best!!! EL TORRROOOO!!!!!!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!

This guy was pretty crazy too! In the middle of this jump his tire flew off and he ended up flying into the blue Semi on the right!!!!!
They had to bring out a tractor to get him out!
....and then another one!!! It was pretty cool!!!!

Ok so, I'm pretty sure this guy is supposedly the world champ... but I wasn't all that impressed! He mostly drove around doing little jumps and then finally when he did a big jump, he landed wrong and broke his tire off. There was smoke EVERYWHERE (which I have to admit was pretty cool). So for the remaining time he just drove around in circles. He was good, but certainly not cool enough to be a world champion, in my opinion!

Thanks SOOO much for inviting us, Bryan and Sarah!!!! You guys are soo cute!!!!! We had such a great time!!!!

Kiss, Kiss!

We definitely are going to go again!!!! (Eric, you're such a dork, love ya!!!! )

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy 28th Birthday Honey

Today is Eric's 28th Birthday. SO.... in honor of my hubby's BIG DAY here are

"28 Reasons Why I Can't Live Without My Honey!"

(FUN FACT: I met Eric 5 years ago on his birthday!)

1. He's HOT!!! (I just had to get that one out right up front)"blue steel!!!"

2. He is adorable when He sleeps!

3. He is a complete Star Wars GEEK!!YES, we DO have life size cutouts of Han and Leah!!!
The large R2D2 is a Pepper Grinder which, believe it or not, we DO use!!!
And of course, we've got "Darth Tater" and his faithful "Spud Trooper"

4. He likes to play with his sword(s)!!! (tehehe)

5. He plays with the girls when he gets home from work!!!

6. He randomly brings me flowers for no reason at all (still!!! after being together for 5 years!!!!)

7. He snuggles me every night (even when I know he'd much rather sleep) , for as long as I want. NO COMPLAINTS!!!

8. He does the dishes without being asked (and sings Beck songs while doing it)

9. He's a great dancer...10....and shares that enthusiasm with our girls

11. He absorbs useless knowledge like a spongecake!

12. He can quote tons of lines from any movie or show he's seen, word for word. (it's the same with most songs)

13. During my time of month, he gets me chocolate and red meat. (Chocolate to cheer me up and red meat to, "of course," replenish the iron count in my blood!!!! And no, I don't eat them together)

14. He loves Pizza like a little kid!!!

15. He writes me poetry! (I have a whole box full of cards like this. Each poem wonderfully unique)
16. He's a big goofball.

17. He doesn't pretend to be someone he's not. He's not into brand names and doesn't need a big truck to make him feel like a "MAN." I LOVE that about him!

18. He looks like a vampire

19. He is a great student!!!

20. The crazy man eats salad with NO salad dressing! In fact, he LOVES veggies!!!

21. His pet peeves are: gulping water next to him in bed in the middle of the night. (still working on that one) He hates towels left on the floor. He hates it when I poke or tickle him with my toes! (But I like to do that to him anyway.HEHEHE!!!) Oh ya... and he hates it when pens are missing their caps!!!! (???)

22. He likes Hiking!

23. He plays board games with me, like Scrabble and Rummikub.

24. He folds the laundry and puts it away (without me asking him to)

25. He gives me free reign of our bank account!

26. He is a worthy priesthood holder and gives me and the girls blessings whenever we need or want them.He reminds me to read the scriptures and pray regularly (what a guy!)
27. He tells me numerous times during the day how much he loves me!!!

28. And lastly....He's my Best Friend!!!

Happy Birthday Sweety!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Eric In El Salvador
(this picture always makes me smile)