Saturday, November 21, 2009

Layla, here at last!

Introducing the newest member of our growing family,
Layla Elaine Harding!!!
born November 10th, 2009Surprising us with her early arrival (a day before our scheduled c-section) and a bunch of dark hair, she came into this world weighing in at 6 lbs 13 oz and 20 in long

Some are more excited...

...than others

After looking at her from a distance, the first thing Evey said about Layla was, "She wants to go home now." Evey has warmed up to Layla since then. Yesterday she even asked to hold her and gave her a kiss on the head. We think she will soon enjoy the role of Big Sister, but for now we are giving Evey lots of attention so she knows she hasn't been replaced.
Lucy however, has taken right to Layla. This was the first of many kisses that Layla has received from Lucy. In fact most of the time I'm worried that Lucy is going to smother her with love.She is constantly wanting to kiss, snuggle, and hold her.One of Lucy's favorite things about Layla is her tiny features. Especially the ears. Lucy is always pulling, tugging, and stroking her teeny body parts. Surprisingly, Layla doesn't seem to mind.
I'm pretty sure that Layla is going to be a daddy's girl. She very much enjoys starring up into Eric's eyes and prefers to fall asleep in his arms. But then again, so do I.
Layla is a really easy-going baby, which is so perfect seeing as she is my third kid. She is alert, attentive and pretty happy. She is a fantastic sleeper and an even better eater. Hands down, she is definitely the easiest newborn I've had so far.
Many people told me that number three would be the hardest. I really don't think that is going to be the case for us. The transition has been very easy. It's already weird for me to think that 12 days ago she wasn't here yet. It feels like shes always been with us and in spirit I suspect that she always has been!