Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Family!

So now a little info about me and the fam. Lets see. It all started when I was 18 and I met a really awesome guy at the institute of religion. Can you guess who that is? I loved Eric because he liked me for me. Unlike everyone before I never felt pressure to be anything I'm not. Weird silly old me is who I could be around him and I knew that it doesn't get much better than that. Eric and I dated for only about 6 months before getting married. Can you say FAST! But I don't regret it all. 4 years (this coming August) and 2 babies later my love for him has only magnified.

We were married for only 9 months when I got pregnant with baby number 1. Here comes Lucy! February 1'st came fast and alas I had a new screaming baby to call my own! j/k. Lucy was a very difficult baby. She had colic for the first 6 months of her life. Her crying tested my patience in a way that only a mother of a colicky baby could understand. Lucy from day one has always been very particular. She needs routine and consistency more than any other child I have known, which was kinda difficult for me to get used to. I love doing things spontaneously and I hate routines. ;) But despite all that I would never change her for the world. Lucy is very shy but sooo intelligent! We started teaching her sign language at 8 months old and within a week she caught on! She was so desperate to communicate with us! At just barely 2 she knows her abc's perfectly, how to count to 10, her colors (red yellow purple green orange blue) and shapes (square circle triangle). Lucy is gorgeous too~and she knows it! She's got huge eyes and curly hair. People always tell us that we have our very own Shirley Temple. Some days she will stand in front of the mirror and say "soo pretty!" I'm pretty sure we have created a monster, haha! Lucy loves reading and singing songs. Her favorite songs are "The Wheels on the Bus, Old Mc Donald and the ABC's. I feel like Lucy and I have a pretty special bond. I think it is because I put in soo many sleepless nights that first year of life. But she is definitely a "mommy's girl" and I love it!

So, on to baby number 2. (The "daddy's girl") Only three months after I had Lucy, I discovered I was pregnant again! Ooops! We figure that Lucy and Evey must have been joined at the hip in the premortal existence and that's how they wanted it down here too. So when Evey saw her chance she hopped on the next ride to earth which so happened to be in my tummy. Evey came along February 2nd the following year. Just the day after her sister turned 1. Happy Birthday Lucy... here's a sister! Evey's temperament is the complete opposite of Lucy. She's pretty mellow. She just goes with the flow of things. And she is always smiling! BUT... believe it or not shes the one you've got to watch carefully! She's a little con artist. Evey knows how to play you. She will butter you up just so she can get whatever she wants. She's the type of kid who patiently waits til your not looking to do something wrong. Then, of course, when she gets caught she gives you the puppy eyes. She is very meditative. It's really funny to watch her plan things out in her head. When she was only 9 months old, I watched her as she tried to figure out how to get into a toy basket at my mother in laws house. The basket was too tall for her to reach into. She got a funny look on her face as she looked around the room. When she started crawling away from the toy basket I thought that she would just go find something else to play with, but instead she crawled straight to a toy piano and started pushing it to the basket. Then she proceeded to climb on top of the piano and reached into the basket to get her toys. Needless to say, I was in complete shock and awe. That's Evey in a nutshell for you!

Making a Blog

I've had an account here on blogger for quite some time. But I never got enough guts to sit down and figure out how to use it. I keep on thinking to myself "don't you have better things to do?"... and then I would play around on Facebook. I have finally come to the realization that facebook is the same as a blog ... but for lazy people. So I decided to log off facebook and actually write something right here. So, yup, here it is. Proof the Katie finally sat down and blogged. Good for me!