Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is what we do....

When we don't have a car....

we build piggy fortresses

pretty good huh?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Layla's First Birthday!!!!!!!

I Can't Believe It Has Already Been a Year!!!!!
Layla has been such a gift for me personally this year. Her sweet fun-loving personality has blessed even the hardest of days! She gives me something to laugh about everyday! Especially lately. She has been getting into everything! I used to think I would just die if I had a kid like that, but surprisingly enough I find it really endearing!
We had a little lunch-in party with some extended family and a couple friends.
Look at that little tongue. (Which is actually not all that little. She has a giraffe tongue like mama)
Layla knew just what to do...

"No more pictures!!!!"

The following Pictures are from her actual birthday. we had a little family party.

We gave her a practice cupcake!

I think she liked it!

Time for a shower!
(love this one)

After the shower she opened her presents
The girls were excited about giving Layla presents that they actually picked for her. (I had the girls each pick something from the dollar bins at target!) Of course, the presents seemed to be more for them than for her.
I love these big sister photos!
Eric got some punching balloons for the girls too!

Piggy Kisses!!!!
I love this picture! A few weeks before her birthday we were walking around Target and Layla pulled this pig right off the shelf and began snuggling it and giving it kisses. It was so cute. So as we were leaving I pretended to put it back and then stuffed it under the cart to save for her birthday. She was so excited when she pulled it out of the bag. Apparently she had not forgotten about it. It's such an ugly pig, but she loves it and she kisses it every morning!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Del Mar Fair!!!

It's been WAY too long since I last blogged. Once Layla was born I knew something had to fall off the to do list. My poor blog, neglected for all these months. But at least I've got my priorities straight. I figured that I'd just jump right back in and then fill in the important gaps later.
So here we go...
Last Saturday we went to the Del Mar Fair. Our kids are blessed with such generous grandparents, who paid our way and spoiled them rotten! Thank you Duan and Nina. You guys are the BEST!!!!
Upon entering, Evey saw these puppies and begged me to pick her up so she could pet them. She loves puppies even if she is a little shy at first.
Next we went to see the animals. Evey fed the goats and a cow. But after the cow slobbered all over her hand she decided that she was done. If Evey is anything, she is a neat freak. She hates getting messy! Lucy took one look at the goats and decided she wanted nothing to do with it!

Typically the girls are timid about anything new so I thought for sure that the rides were going to be a disaster. Thankfully I was wrong! They Loved the swings. Even the screaming boy behind them didn't phase them one bit?
Lately, whenever I tell Evey to smile she does this! I love that girl! She has been saying the funniest things lately. But I'll save those for another day! :)The girls liked the train too. This poor guy had to push them around the track though because they didn't quite get how to make their cars move!
Layla had a really good time too. The only hard part was getting her to eat or sleep. She is easily distracted! (I love this picture)

We stopped for lunch at Roxy's. Eric and I both had Artichoke sandwiches, which were to die for! Then we went to the Bing Crosby hall and looked around at all the booths. Evey and Lucy spent most of the time playing in the hammocks. Oh, Did they LOVE it!
I got my annual ring cleaning for only 25 cents. And I got a hand washed with some kind of special soap. The lady who washed my hand really cracked me up. I must look like a sucker because when she finished washing she asked me to compare my two hands to see which one looked nicer. She had washed the one in cold water. So of course it looked paler and more smooth. Then she went on to tell me how for only $50 I could have smooth hands like this every day. I seriously looked at her and thought, "Wow that's talent. I could never say that with a straight face." I kinda wish that I had pointed it out to her. I guess I'm too nice.

I decided to pass on the funnel cake this year and instead split a fried Klondike Bar with Eric. I was looking at all the signs while eating and I cannot believe the kinds of "food" they sell there. Fried Frog legs, Chocolate Covered Bacon and my personal favorite Deep Fried Butter! Are you kidding me!!!! People actually eat that stuff. I might try the frog legs for bragging rights but Fried Butter? Really??!! Sign me up for a heart attack now and make it delicious!

We decided to go home after that. Everyone was so tired. Evey fell asleep in the car and I had to take a picture. She was so cute!
Layla fell asleep in daddy's arms after we got home...

...and then he feel asleep snuggling Evey!